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Credit, Risk & Compliance

Intrapay has not limited its CRC solution to one application service provider. We use multiple industry solutions, advanced analytics and consumer protection solutions to manage fraud ‘in-flight’ and we benefit by partnering rules management and analysis with AI analytics and internally built data systems.

Our fraud and risk management environments are more akin to those maintained by international retail banks than other PSPs and extend well beyond standard credit and debit card fraud risks. We keep our internal practices under close internal scrutiny as our services are core to our competitive advantage.

Services range from standard solutions in real-time transaction monitoring, to advanced consultancy and services offered to merchants struggling to optimise their authorisations rates and/or maintain their charge-back barriers. We are also a reliable ‘right hand’ for a merchant looking to expand outside of its current regional footprint.

CRC Best Practice

Intrapay’s fraud managers remain actively involved in the sharing of information at industry venues, as well as with acquiring partners; we believe that active co-operation and information exchange add a shared value to our successes.

The Credit, Risk & Compliance department has a ‘follow the sun’ philosophy, with dual headquarters in Manila and Malta ensuring 24/7 service. We employ senior management at both locations and manage local teams to ensure real-time oversight and control. Our experts come with experience from card schemes, acquirers, commercial banks, payments service providers and ecommerce merchants.

Continual Improvement Culture

Beyond practicing industry standards in the boarding of partners and monitoring fraud, the team also manages Intrapay’s Enterprise and Operations Risk Management requirements, information and data security, as well as regulatory and industry compliance across the globe.

In addition to fraud management, our approach to underwriting, monitoring, the use and sharing of Business Intelligence, and safeguarding our practices well in-step with our internal risk appetite are second to none.

Here’s our CRC promise. Try us free; if our solution does not compare positively with your existing solution, try us again free. We back our system but it’s also adaptable if there’s something missing for you.

We are fast and fair, fully accountable, and our relationships are based on clean partnerships. Intrapay will never shock you with invoices, surprise system changes, outages, limited channels or currencies, or other limitations in helping you provide goods and/or services globally.

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