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Card Processing

Card processing remains at the heart of ecommerce payments; while its market share may decline, it will remain the dominant player.

In a world where:

  • cash is a declining force but alternative payments are looking to take up the slack;
  • innovative payment methods look to take a place at the payments table;
  • digital wallets, mobile payments and cryptocurrency and the cool kids on the block

It’s well worth remembering:

  • 42% of online transactions are made using a credit card;
  • 28% are made using a debit card;
  • there are 20 billion cards in circulation;
  • 443.1 billion non-cash transaction are made per year (2015 figures)

Source:, World Payments Report

Our card processing solution can be tailored to suit your needs, so contact us today to find out our rates and how we can combine card processing with alternative payments to maximise your payment options and increase your revenue.

Card processing