A simple real-time banking payment method


A bespoke payment solution to enable real-time banking for all customers

More and more, customers are shopping online, and they expect payment products that enable easy purchases without extra costs.

Offer your customers direct bank transfer payments, with funds made available in real-time.

Intrapay Direct allows your customers to quickly and easily transfer funds from their bank account to yours, without card readers or additional log-in details.



ADVANTAGESfor merchants and customers

Easy Real-Time Transfers

Customers can directly transfer funds, without additional logins or card readers. Transactions are confirmed using the bank's existing security protocols and two-factor authentication

One-time /Recurring Payments

One-time payments or automatic recurring payments for subscription products/services

Safe and secure cash flow

Safe and secure direct payments with lower rates than traditional payment methods and funds made available in real-time. Virtually eliminates fraud and chargebacks


White-label option for branded real-time payments

settlement options

Two settlement options: direct settlement for merchants with local bank accounts and full merchant settlement for merchants who prefer to use Intrapay’s in-country accounts

Refunds and payouts

Refunds and payouts to customers are easy, through individual or batch requests

This direct, real-time payment makes it easy for your customers to pay online, without needing credit cards, debit cards, card readers, or additional log-in details. Intrapay Direct is fast and convenient, increasing transaction rates and virtually eliminating chargebacks and repudiation claims.

Customers can select single payments or recurring payments and refunds or payouts are available in real-time and/or batch payments, to reduce complexity and internal costs. Intrapay Direct is also white-label compatible, so you can offer customers real-time payments with your brand on it.

Download Intrapay Direct guide (pdf)

Download Intrapay Direct guide

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