Fully flexible, easy to integrate payment gateway


The Intrapay payment gateway is a micro-services payment platform with a full-suite of modules that can be customised to your specific needs. Our legacy-free technology provides you with the flexibility to integrate to components you want for your business, without having to connect to the full stack.

With a single API, you can plug into our sophisticated routing engine with built-in fail-safes that help reduce declines and improve authorization rates. Additionally, we offer ‘credentials on file’ and tokenisation options that enable smoother customer journeys and facilitate reduced GDPR compliancy requirements for our merchants.

The gateway technology can be adopted in two ways:

  • Standard payments services provider (PSP) model
  • Software as a service (SAAS) approach

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Some key advantages to working with us

Connections to over 200 acquiring banks

Connections to over 150 alternative payment methods, including wallets, cash, local cards and bank transfers

A robust routing engine that is configured to drive transactions to the best acquiring channels

Built-in fraud scoring engine that allows merchants to manage their chargeback risk

White-labelable and easily scalable, in the AWS cloud environment

Cost and Approval optimisation to increase your business


Our software as a service (SAAS) approach provides large merchants with the same core application functionality as a shared services model, enabling you to adapt our gateway technology as your own.

The white label model offers a dedicated processing environment for you to scale and adapt as it suits your business. We’ll provide you with your own data vault and higher transaction processing concurrency rates compared to the traditional shared services model.

Leveraging our SAAS model enables merchants to benefit from our ongoing technological updates and Intrapay’s strong product roadmap, with no additional investments on your end.


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