Acquirer agnostic gateway to all major payment methods

Cards and
Alternative Payments

You want to do business in different countries, target different industries and reach different demographics. One payment size does not fit all.

Offer your customers freedom of choice with all major credit cards, alternative payment methods and currencies.

Intrapay’s open-source payment platform is acquirer agnostic and connects with myriad payment methods, so you can offer the credit cards and alternative payment methods that your customers want.

Capture more customers in your target markets by offering the most relevant payment methods and connecting to the best acquirers.

Business needs change; payments should be flexible. Our credit card and alternative payments processing solution is tailored to merchants, so you can choose what suits you and if your needs change, we’ll adapt with you.

Maximise your payment options and increase your revenue by combining credit card processing with alternative payments, for a better buyer journey.

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Meet customers' expectations with all payment methods

Credit Cards

Credit cards remain the dominant payment method in ecommerce. We connect merchants to all major credit card schemes, so you can ensure you’re offering customers the right credit card options for their needs.

Bank Transfers

Real-time money transfers play a vital role in online and mobile payments, as customers look for instant payments based on debit. We’ll help you offer customers their preferred bank transfer, or our bespoke solution, Intrapay Direct.

Prepaid Cards and Digital Wallets

Digital wallets are a multifaceted payment solution for consumers who prefer paying via apps or storing various online payment options in one location. Prepaid cards, such as our reloadable Intracard, are an easy way to transfer limited amounts of money in electronic means.

Mobile Payments

Around the world, more customers are shopping online via mobile devices and payments should accommodate those demands as well. Reach more customers with mobile-optimised payment pages, mobile payment apps, and in-app payments.

Vouchers and Postpay

In certain regions around the world ecommerce relies heavily on payment vouchers and postpay methods. Make sure you’re connecting with all your global customers, by accommodating these cash-based online payments.


Currently the payment solution / currency with the most volatile patterns, cryptocurrencies are sure to stay and play an interesting role in future ecommerce. At Intrapay, we’ll always offer the latest information and information on this trend.


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