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Intrapay Direct

Intrapay Direct is a payment solution with your name on it.

Our direct bank transfer product is a simple payment solution offering great value and adaptability. Customers complete their orders using their online banking details and security checks on an interface integrated into a merchant’s web site. Transactions are confirmed in real time so funds are immediately available.

Intrapay Direct is a complete white-labelled solution that can be customised for individual merchants or Payment Service Providers to boast a payment method with their brand on it. Merchants can incentivise use of their own payment mechanism and as rates are lower than traditional payment methods it increases revenue.

This PAAS (Platform as a Service) is available in two flavours:

  • Direct Settlement – offering settlement directly into the merchants in-country account.
  • Full Merchant Settlement – offering settlement into Intrapay settlement accounts in-country and then settled to the PSP/Merchant accounts around the globe.  (Additional FX costs apply).


Intrapay Direct is Available in These Countries

Customer experience

Intrapay Direct Customer ExperienceIntrapay Direct Customer Experience