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Intrapay has a fresh approach to providing better payment services and solutions. We invite merchants, partners and consumers to tell us what ‘better’ is; to develop products that are tailored to the requirements of the end user.

Setting a single destination for our journey is restrictive. Our flexible technology is built from the ground up to accommodate the odd detour or diversion as demanded by the global industries we serve.

At Intrapay, we build lasting, close relationships with colleagues and merchants; never forgetting to enjoy our work in the process.

Our management team of recognised leaders in the payments industry combine experience, ability and belief in our ethos.


We’re not quite sure where our collective obsession with colourful socks came from. The CEO loves colourful socks; the CMO loves them and so between the two of them they made it obligatory that everyone at Intrapay love them.

Socks are an underrated item of clothing. In a corporate world where suits and shirts give people little opportunity to express their personality, socks are where it’s at. Snazzy socks make us happy and keep us looking sharp as we transform payments around the world.

While we’re dedicated to improving the payments industry with our attitude, approach, agility and dedication, we also want to bring a dash of colour to proceedings. Start transacting with us and we’ll send you some to spice up your socks life.

It’s possible we should get out a bit more instead of thinking about payments 24/7, but don’t judge us too harshly.